Traffic Manager

Our team is looking for a traffic manager consultant for long-term cooperation to buy traffic from ad networks.

The main task is buying as much traffic as possible according to KPI.


More details:

  1. Creation, configuration, maintenance, analysis, and optimization of advertising campaigns in teaser and advertising networks.
  2. Work with ad networks, with push and pops traffic.
  3. Constant monitoring of the effectiveness of the advertising and traffic conversion.
  4. Building strategies for getting traffic/conversions/leads.
  5. Budget planning.
  6. The ability of the set goals/KPI.
  7. Constant work on optimization of advertising campaigns.


  1. Experience in advertising and traffic purchasing.
  2. Experience with push/pops traffic.
  3. Knowledge of the principles of working with teaser and advertising networks.
  4. Understanding of interests and motivation of the audience
  5. The level of English, sufficient for understanding and solving the tasks necessary under the work.
  6. Literacy.
  7. Creative thinking.
  8. Multitasking.

The traffic manager works in a team with:

  • Traffic Analyst
  • Marketing PM

If you have the necessary knowledge and experience, and want to become a part of our creative and successful team, we will be more than happy to talk to you personally!

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