Creative Video Banner Maker

We are looking for a creative video banner maker consultant who will become a part of our friendly team for constant long-term cooperation.

The main task is to create short creative videos to promote mobile applications.


More details:

  1. Creation of creative videos to promote applications for various traffic sources.
  2. Work with sound in video clips, editing, animation, visualization, graphic design of video clips.
  3. Preparation and animation of photo-video materials.


  1. Creativity. We do not need just another person who knows how to work under technical requirements with graphic and video editing software, but rather a creative, who will come up with new ideas (texts, graphics and video) by himself/herself, analyze the yield of old ideas, draw conclusions, and create new ones in order to maximize conversion.
  2. Experience with similar tasks and availability of successful cases in your portfolio.
  3. Ability to multitask and focus on results.
  4. Possession and mastery of photo and video editing software (you’re convenient to work with.)
  5. Understanding of composition and design principles.
  6. A desire to grow and evolve as a creator.

The creative videomaker is in direct contact with the:

  • PM

If you have the necessary knowledge and experience, and want to become a part of our creative and successful team, we will be more than happy to talk to you personally!


To make us interested in your application, be prepared to provide some examples of your work along with the following information:

  • example of work (a video, made according to your idea, not according to someone else’s technical requirements);
  • what the product was (if the project is under an NDA – you can simply specify what kind of the project it was, what was the point);
  • why this particular story was implemented;
  • what the results the video yielded were.

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