Android (Java, Kotlin) Developer

We are looking for a mobile Java application developer consultant for joining our team to finalize a mobile application (layout, introduction of new features).

The main task is mobile applications development.


More details:

  1. Development and improvement of the functionality for technical specifications.
  2. System performance optimization.
  3. Code refactoring.


  1. 3+ years of commercial development experience.
  2. Experience with Firebase and its modules.
  3. Experience with Java, Kotlin.
  4. Great understanding of the processes of development and publication of mobile apps.
  5. Experience with service systems (like VPN/Cleaner will be a bonus).

The developer works in a team with:

  • Tech PM
  • QA
  • Tech Writer

If you have the necessary knowledge and experience, and want to become a part of our creative and successful team, we will be more than happy to talk to you personally!

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